The magician removed his hat

To show me it was empty

“Abracadabra!” he yelled as he

Waved his black wand

I stood on my tiptoes to try

To see the secret inside

“Ah, ah, ah” he says with a

Wicked smile and a waving finger

“Not yet, you have to earn it”

I am confused but he assures me

The requests he has are small

A ring for my finger and a white dress

A promise from my lips

“Not much” he whispers in my ear

“Not much to see my magic!”

I willingly give him my hand

The ring slips on so easily

And the dress is beautiful

The promise is a bit scary

Till death seems so long

But I so love magic so I concede

He turns to me a glint in his eye

“I shall show you tomorrow”

Please I say, but he shakes his head

“Anticipation is a lovely thing”

I suppose I can wait a day

A day turns into weeks

Weeks turn to years

I have not forgotten his promise

But life seems to have got in the way

As we pass in the dark one night

I ask to finally see the magic he promised

“Very well, you have been so patient”

He pulls the black hat from the

Back of the closet

Dusts it off and says the magic words

And waves his black wand

Proudly he tips the hat my way

I look inside and begin to cry

For the hat is empty

He laughs and throws it back

In the dirty corner of the closet

He turns and skips away without a goodbye

Going on to his next audience

Forgetting me, and my promise,

And my wish for magic

As he lures another into his

Magic show


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. No Tall Stories
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 01:02:36

    That is wonderful! The disillusionment of illusion. I love it x


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