You can cut me with your sharp knife

Tell me it does not hurt

But I still feel the pain

You can push the tip deep

Twisting the blade inside me

Making me cry

And you can claim you did not

Mean to cause me this

Did not mean to wound

I can pretend to believe you

I can open my mouth to your kiss

And my ears to your lies

We can be this, not real

We can be something I remember

Something from long ago

I can pretend you were sent to save me

You can pretend to love me

We can have a facade of joy

And in the dark when we turn our backs

Facing the wall and thinking

We will know

This was not reality, we were not here

This was all something we wished for

A dream…something not real

I can hold you and kiss that spot

The one on your neck that makes you tremble

And I can imagine

I will remember when we were new

When you sighed at the thought

Of us together

I can remember that once I had you

Once you were mine body and soul

And now….now you are gone

Even though I see you sitting across from me

And I can hold your hand

I know you are no longer

What was once only



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