I am lost and alone in this desert

The heat burns my face

As your words have burned my soul

I believe that I am not anything

I am but a figment of some other God’s imagination

I can’t imagine a world where I am

Something that others see as real

I walk through the sand and burn my bare feet

I cannot tell where I am as there are no landmarks

Nothing to tell me my position

I am lost

I have no bearings in this land

Of sun and heat and loneliness

I am alone

I try to say your name and realize

I no longer remember it

I can see your face but I no longer taste your skin

I cannot feel your lips on mine

Or see you look at me

The sorrow is there and I don’t know how to make it leave

I think that if I were to lay down and sleep

The pain might stop and I might feel something new

Something that does not rip and tear

And cause me to bleed

As I look at the blinding sun and realize it’s heat

I see that I am going to die here alone

In this desert with nothing to feel but hot sun

And the emptiness of your absence

And the sadness of not

Having you


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