Oh so very silly to think that things can change

When life is full of insanities and eternal swirls of crazy

Trip through this if you are brave and not coordinated

Even if you can dance I fear you will find

You do not know this song

And this path that is well-travelled

Still looks so unfamiliar to you

Maybe this time you will notice the items you need for your journey

Or perhaps you will leave the tire iron against the tree

And the mushrooms by the fence

And the old jacket on the rock

Only to find yourself with a flat, hungry and alone in the cold night

Wondering how you could have missed it all

Even though you have traversed this road

So many times you have worn grooves in the dirt

And holes in your shoes

Best to just stop and smell the roses

Even if they look like daisies and you are allergic

Anything is better than the bittersweet knowledge

That you have made the same mistakes again

And that this road is not the problem

It is the fact that you are on it again at all


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