Twisting my hair

In your strong fingers

Pulling my face to yours

And my mind into oblivion

Tasting me with your tongue

Your silver coated weapon

Making me shiver at the thought

Of being possessed by you

Eyes closed, lips bruised

I feel what you send

Through your hands

Into me

Afraid to touch you

Yet unable to stop

Palms burning at the sensation

Of caressing your skin

You smell like sun

You envelop me with you

I cannot let go

For fear I will disappear

If I do not have you holding me

Making me alive



 There were probably tears

Smeared mascara

Runny cover up

Clownish but not funny

Perhaps a bit of alcohol

Or quite a lot

Drunk and flirting

With lonely eyes

Maybe some mementos

Thrown in the trash

Only to be fished out

Guiltily the next day

There is no way to know

What happened

The day he left

With her last few cigarettes

And her sticky heart


You taste like sorrow

Like broken dreams in a weedy backyard

A favorite skirt torn

A broken toy

You taste like desire

Delicate wisps of heaven glimpsed

Memories of those things coveted

Delicious sweet chocolate

You taste of memories

A mother’s smile and soft kiss

A scabbed knee

A sunset at the beach

Your taste frightens me

I do not wish for it to be

Something in my mouth

Or in my heart

So I shall not open to this

For fear of scalding

My silly tongue


Under the cover of moss

Eyes scanning the forest

The hunter strings his bow

Gingerly she creeps

A shadow, a wood nymph

Picking her steps carefully

He watches

A glimpse of emerald

Her cloak ripples behind

Sharp hiss of air

As his arrow flies

Missing her delicate throat

Finding purchase in a trunk

Startling a fawn

She smiles

Ducking low she runs

His attempts at tracking useless

As she is elusive once more

Last arrow lost in the canopy

He sighs in disgust

At his failed attempts

A growl in his stomach

Pushes him home

As he breaks free of the trees

Into sunlight and pollen

He feels the sharp prick under his chin

And looks down into her

Terra-cotta eyes

The hunted now the hunter

The day turned to twilight

The wise old owl watches in silence

As she sings a song of thanks

And skins his soul


A sly smile

A caress without a touch

Some things are better left unsaid

Turn your face to the light

You believe to be sun

But do not let the rays fool you

The warmth you feel is artificial

Made by the hands of a woman

Who poses as a girl

And her pretense of innocence

It is but a façade

Underneath lies a murky depth

“Take a swim” she whispers

“The water is warm”

Your dive will be deep

At first you may embrace the heat

Only to realize your skin is aflame

Your lungs full of malignant ghosts

And you will open your eyes

To onyx and her sly smile


These words

Vowels, verbs,


Letters he puts together

To form sentences

To attain that which is not his

A conquest of heart and mind

An appropriation meant to control

Yet delivered with a soft voice

And sweet smile

The barrage shall be met

By battlements she has built

No longer as strong as when

First raised

Rather battle-scarred from

Past attempts to enter her encampment

His surreptitious approach

Is not expected

He ascends her wall

Entering her window with a flourish

Taking what was not his and

Leaving her alone

With nothing but

These words