At long last

The secret to life

On this small slip of paper

Found under the mulberry bush

Damn you windy day

For blowing away my chance

At being immortal

And using those tempestuous fingers

To ruin my hair



It shall forever be known that I am an idiot.  I live in a world of wonder.  A world of happy ever after and evil demons.  I live in something “not real”.  At times life likes to peel back the blanket I have flung over my head to taunt me with the “real” world I am missing outside.  I quickly clutch the edges and burrow deeper, not wanting to see.  This real world is not something my eyes can adjust to.  It is not something I wish to live in.  I choose castles and fairies and dragons.  I choose goblins with axes dripping in blood.  I choose evil forces that live and breathe and know my name.  I want a prince.  I want a glass slipper.  In real life the glass slipper would most likely break into a thousand pieces and would cut my foot.  In my world it slips on and looks beautiful and I dance all night.  Real life is shit.  Real life makes me sad and lonely.  I do not like the trials and tribulations of real life.  They do not end in happy ever after or with a treasure trove of gold.  They end in a lesson learned, character built, a stronger you.  I do not want this real life.  I want adventures that end in magnificence.  I want to talk to the animals. I want to fly.  I want to wave a wand and have magic occur.  I choose this life of idiocy.  I choose to pretend.  For what kind sir is my alternative?  Ugly reality and mortal death.  So I shall sprinkle myself with fairy dust and I shall fly away to Never Never Land.  I shall never grow up.  And I shall be supremely happy in my idiotic bliss.


You said love

I listened with

Rapt silence

Ears open

And eyes closed

You told me

Stories of us

Memories of the past

Things I cherished

I thought you real

I felt your touch

Imagined you perfect

But I realize

In the light of day

You are not alive

You are pain

You are sorrow

You are my death

You are the end

I innocently believed

You my savior

I am ridiculous

In the shadow

Of the love

I thought perfect

I sigh and accept

The end of us

The end of me

I will take

My last breath

As you laugh

And paint a new picture

Of love

For another

Innocent soul