It shall forever be known that I am an idiot.  I live in a world of wonder.  A world of happy ever after and evil demons.  I live in something “not real”.  At times life likes to peel back the blanket I have flung over my head to taunt me with the “real” world I am missing outside.  I quickly clutch the edges and burrow deeper, not wanting to see.  This real world is not something my eyes can adjust to.  It is not something I wish to live in.  I choose castles and fairies and dragons.  I choose goblins with axes dripping in blood.  I choose evil forces that live and breathe and know my name.  I want a prince.  I want a glass slipper.  In real life the glass slipper would most likely break into a thousand pieces and would cut my foot.  In my world it slips on and looks beautiful and I dance all night.  Real life is shit.  Real life makes me sad and lonely.  I do not like the trials and tribulations of real life.  They do not end in happy ever after or with a treasure trove of gold.  They end in a lesson learned, character built, a stronger you.  I do not want this real life.  I want adventures that end in magnificence.  I want to talk to the animals. I want to fly.  I want to wave a wand and have magic occur.  I choose this life of idiocy.  I choose to pretend.  For what kind sir is my alternative?  Ugly reality and mortal death.  So I shall sprinkle myself with fairy dust and I shall fly away to Never Never Land.  I shall never grow up.  And I shall be supremely happy in my idiotic bliss.


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  1. joseasanoj
    Apr 30, 2013 @ 03:45:02

    Reblogged this on My Day Out With An Angel.


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