Peanut Butter

When you fell out of the tree

I laughed

Not caring that you had broken

Your ankle

Or that you forehead was cut

I laughed because your pain

Made me feel better

Your grimace made me realize

I am whole

I am not broken

I am not bleeding

I rejoice in your injury

I shall skip home

And eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

With no crusts

While I cut out paper dolls

I will not think of you

Nor will I tell my mother

That you need help

I hope you cry

You are not my friend

You never loved me

I will look out the window

And dream of summer nights

Games of kick the can

Even as I sit here this evening

An adult with wrinkles

And messy hair

Realizing that my fantasy

Of happy childhood

And some sort of twisted revenge

Will help me sleep

A smile on my face

If only for tonight

And in my dreams

You will fall again



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