We reach constantly, yearn for that we cannot have.  We attempt to grab that pie in the sky and shove it in our mouth quickly so as not to lose even a small taste.  We are always wishing.  We are always hoping.  We do not see in our continual quest for something more that we are losing.  We miss the little things.  We do not see the sunset or the sunrise.  We do not smell the rain after a summer shower.  We do not notice the smile we receive without asking.  We are those who will forever be sorrowful at our lot in life.  We will sit alone in our respective rooms and cry at the aspiration for that which we cannot quite attain.   All because we cannot behold what passes us daily.  We are blind in our sorrow.  Ah, to be able to once again see.  If we could only open our eyes.


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  1. Dennis Cardiff
    Feb 12, 2014 @ 07:18:11

    Hi Toasha, this is beautifully written. I too have experienced many heartbreaks, some recently. Living in the moment, meditating, exercising were the only things that helped me to keep my sanity. We are not defined by our past. You are a young, beautiful, intelligent woman with a full life ahead. I know that happiness is just around the corner.


    • Toasha
      Feb 17, 2014 @ 21:39:43

      I do have tales of sorrow but I am not as sad as it may seem. I agree that life has much to offer and many things to come. Although I don’t know I agree that I am young lol.


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