I shall perform this surgery, this cutting, this excising of something unwanted

I will wield the scalpel

The cuts will be detailed, careful, beautiful in the way they cause blood to well

I am your surgeon

This work will be performed with precision, sweat on my brow, eyes sharply focused

I will not make a mistake

This tumor will be removed, placed in a pan, red under the bright lights

I am proud of my art

This stitch will run smoothly, closing up your wound, sealing it tightly

I see it will leave barely a scar

This is how you shall awake, alone, cold, naked, shivering on stainless steel

Realizing that now there is nothing

Where your heart used to be

This will be when you cry, beg for me to put it back in, pray for its return

I have done my job well

Unfortunately I cannot repair what I see as




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