Obviously your errant belief that I have some semblance of affection

Has made you a fool

Your narcissistic face turns to those who bombard you with words

Those sounds that emanate from the vocal cords

Of people who you assume care

Your countenance brightens at the thought of admiration

A cunning smile curves your lips

As you exult in approbation

Perhaps you should look behind you at the specter hovering

The one you don’t recognize as me

Dark and quiet and diminutive

For as you laze in the spotlight of your imagined grandeur

I shall slip closer with my dark animosity

And I shall snuff your light

I shall be your murky night abundant with amorphous clouds of memories

Of the time you assumed

You were adored

I shall fill your sunshine with rotten nightmares full of torture

Frighten you with the thought

That perhaps you were wrong

This assumption that I would always love your exaggerated sense of self

This postulation that my heart was yours

As you twist and turn in the impenetrable vision

Desirous of a glimpse of the beauty you once held when you had me

Only then will you see

You are alone

You will not be left with the residual ghost of me

Just a hint of my perfume

A memory of my soft skin

And an endless desire

For that which

You can never possess again


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