You can call me moronic and laugh at my ineffective attempts to stay

You can sweep my tears under the rug we wove together that summer

When you still loved me

We can dance together in the dark, cheeks pressed tightly

The sound of your breath a sweet reminder of what was

Apprehensive the lights will blaze

Revealing we don’t really know how to dance together anymore

Terrified our farce will be found out

I feel a tear slip off my cheek onto yours

I inherently know your tongue will slip out to taste my sorrow

You once told me I tasted like some beautiful dream

As your mouth traversed the contours of this body

That was once possessed by your now fraudulent affections

I pull away and disappear into the dark

I hear you call my name

But just once, oh so softly

As if you don’t really want me to hear

I escape into the night and run quick and blind

From what used to be



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