The ship beckons me

As does it’s captain

I have not been on the ocean in years

I may get seasick

He waves to me from the bow

Sunburnt and weathered

His smile a crevice in his face

That is there even when he frowns

I hesitate at the gangplank

Afraid it looks old, susceptible to breaks

Perhaps my journey will be over before

I even board the vessel

I look up at her sails

Something foreign in this world of engines

And gas power

I remember the magnificence of wind

The power it has to move and shape

Take you somewhere you haven’t been

Or perhaps a place you remember

From some childhood wish

On the blankets of your mothers bed

While wishing for faeries and princes

And magic

As I place my foot on the deck I see

The sun is not on my face

It is on my back, burning it’s heat into

My empty soul

I try to turn to escape this ship

To run back to shore

And realize we are out to sea

My momentary lapse of thought

Was much more than that

The shore no longer visible

I am lost at sea

With this captain I do not know

And me



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