This alabaster scape blinds me
Renders my eyes ineffectual
My pace is sluggish as the icy flurry
It encompasses my being and creates a reality where there is only me
And the clamor of my ruminations
This ideation of amorous passions leaving a memorialized view of what was
And a taste of bitter contrition in this mouth that once uttered discourses
That this fatuous woman conceived to be truth
This wintry world
It numbs me
And congeals your name on my lips
So that it is able to tumble to the ground where it is camouflaged by the snow
Lost to me
And I do not recall how it used to sound when I whispered it in your ear
I cry glacial tears
As I endeavor to make a snow angel
Knowing that this frozen terrain will soon soothe me to sleep
Where I wish with all my might
That I shall not dream


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