To See

The day I experimented with the ability to see
It was like any other
The hands of the clock moved ever forward
Proving time was slipping
I removed the glasses I was told I needed
I rubbed my eyes in irritation
Closed them for a bit to entertain the idea
That upon opening it would happen
It did not
This attempt to view the world uncluttered
To look about with abandon
This was only a miscarriage of endeavors
To exist as more than a moment
No longer a sum of the parts that make up
That which I deemed the now
I encountered a temporal plane of despair
Baggage left behind by others
Half packed luggage full of sorrow and tears
It is ill-advised to fold anything
These garments that cover others with guilt
They look tattered and ancient
I can easily discern the authenticity
Of these banal sneakers
If I were to don them and attempt to run
I am sure I would fall
Scraping my hands on the jagged pieces
Of my broken heart
My attempt to see was futile, trite
I have resolved the terminal legitimacy
It is consummately better to be blind
Than to see


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