Words are but letters

Laced together to form sentences

To communicate your deceptions

Those possessions you deem

To be your certainty

Creeping in for my consideration

Playing on my gullible intellect

The one that has led me astray

In so many scenarios

Leaving me emotionally penniless

Begging on corners for a pittance

Crying in the rain with no umbrella

Cold and abandoned

Shivering under the onslaught of your

Never ending deluge of dishonesty

Wondering how it could be

That I with all my intellect

Can be so easily fooled

By your fraudulent smile

And the erroneous being

That is you



I can say what I like

I can open this treacherous mouth

I can utter whatever soliloquy I fabricate

From my arsenal of gibberish

I do not have any presentiment

That any shall listen

Nor do I care

I prefer my diatribes

Are only noticed when

Nothing good is on TV