For You

We are but a fantasy

A charade of desire and wet dreams

I created this world

The one only you and I endure in

It is laced with salacity

And the imagined taste of you

I lay my head on my pillow

Attempting to sleep to sojourn

To where we remain alone free of encumbrance

That place where your kisses are unrecompensed

The corner where I can have you inside me

Without guilt or thought of betrayal

I drift off but awake violently

To you gazing at me as you slide inside

This version of me that exists

Only for you


The Game

It’s only a game she whispered

As I sat shivering on her back porch

The sky dappled with stars

My heart still carrying a perpetual torch

Her breath smelled of mint

Her skin was smooth and slightly damp

I trembled when she turned and brushed against me

Leaving her undeniable stamp

I tried to run away but only reached her gate

She was there waiting with a smile

I sighed and reached out to touch her

She laughed and said stay a while

I suddenly became frightened and felt a bit lost

She took my hand and led me inside

Up the stairs to her room in the attic

I remembered the last time when I had laid in her bed and cried

The door shut behind us and all was ablaze

I couldn’t see anything but her outline in the heat

My intake of air resounded in the small room

I realized it was her game and I had been beat

I acquiesced to her gentle kisses

Not realizing the pain I felt when she wrapped around me

I began to comprehend that this was the end

She told me to sleep and I knew I was finally free


You did not fathom

My existence

You laughed at my wonder

Made an attempt to apprehend me

With an insolent eye

My intake of air

Did not deter

Your attempt to decieve

My silly need

For you

And that which

Lays outside my

Infintismal reach






The weary traveler

Came to me cotton-mouthed and hungered

Asking for the map

I gave him sustenance

Nothing more

He asked me to reconsider

Pleaded his case

Said he needed the diagram

To get to his destination

I hesitated knowing

He knew not what he was seeking

Yet his eyes, the beseeching gleam

I could not resist

And I produced the coveted sketch

His fingers clutched it longingly

Making me feel at the moment

I had chosen befittingly

He left to continue on his quest

I decorously felt noble on his leave

And continued about my daily routine

Only to have the fowl who delivers word

Drop the memoir of his voyages

Which contained his confession

Of the loss of that which he sought

His destination was never realized

He was lost along the way

When he failed to note

All the road signs

I had left

Silly wayfarer

Even more ludicrous


Despite — Scribblings of a Mad Mind

I break and fail, my heart shrinking under the pressure. I am shredded with no rest to rebuild. Yet, I want more, not for the pain, but for the after. For the eventual growth that will occur from the many shavings that I am reduced to. I cannot wait until my being has reached a […]

via Despite — Scribblings of a Mad Mind


This savage feeling for you








Driving me mad

Making me incoherent

This thing I feel

This is violent


Forbidden and disproved

That is what the google search says

About us

Disapproved, unmentionable, prohibited

Are we unthinkable?

I shall close my eyes

Ignore the words

Only feel

When we finally touch I shall know

Appreciate, comprehend, perceive


If only for a breath

A moment

That crack in eternity

When you feel





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