Keyboard strokes sound like rain
This endless typing
It taxes me
Attempts for my fingertips
To sing out my whimsical narrative
The bend of my wrists ensuring me
That I am fabricating another cosmos
An ethereal creation where beauty…
Ah god this beauty!
It makes your eyes cloud with tears
And your heart fill with wonder
As you reach to touch the gossamer wings
Of the fairies that flit about
Your tiffany breaths
I pause to rest and am filled with remorse
To realize that to stop means this world
It dissipates quickly when my keystokes cease
I furiously begin to type again
Only to find the futility
Of attempting to bring into being
That which does not exist



This mirror is full of another
A lonely reflection
A girl with dreams and youth
Someone who had hope
Who aspires to be someone else
Curling her hair anticipating change
Only to raise her eyes to see this
The version of me who imagines
Delusions of an existence of bliss
She shall change her appearance
Perhaps cut an errant curl
Use a different shade of eyeliner
Brush on her blush with a bold stroke
Turn her back on that silly girl
Attempting to run to another reality
The one where she is strong
A heroine in flowing black
Her sword cutting a sliver of hate
Into the hearts of those who dare
To attempt to touch her heart
She looks up to see
She is still me
And she utters a curse under her breath
To all those who cannot see


If time folded at my supplication

You should be an envelope full of words of yearning

The discourse of your salacity for my flesh in your hands

I will dispatch into the universe

Hoping a worm hole will devour and spit you out

Forming a new macrocosm where I am God

And you but a canker

An affliction that begs destruction

I shall smite you

You shall cower covered in the dialect

You once knew as your own

Only to see armies rise up

To destroy your misrepresentation

There will be no cross for you

You are no savior

You are but a blemish

Upon any world

You choose to inhabit

Your beseeching to me

Your god

Will go unheard

As I move onto another

More interesting endeavor

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