Vocabulary typed in small boxes

Linked to one another via emoticons

Small thoughts somehow connected

Representing who we are

Or who we wish to be

I shall chatter to you

Inanely hoping for recognition

For you to perceive that part of me

That yearns for your apperception

Your acknowledgment of clandestine ideations

I formulate in the eleventh hour of my fortuitous dreams

Of you and I

In palpable actuality

Touching our fingertips

Your lips

On my lonely cheek

My sighs escaping into this quiet landscape

Slowly I have come to rest

In that place between here and there

Where I sit in my rowboat under the stars

Watching the waves of you dissipate

As I wish for more





These word of imprudence

That assault my sentient heart

It cannot fathom your antipodal sounds

Emanating slowly in an exquisite shower

Into my fathomless observation

Rendering me useless and diminutive

Changing me, a metamorphosis

An affliction not carried by anyone

Except the version of me

Who invariably acquiesces

To your adversarial articulation

Of these foreign words






Your word

Your asseverations

Things you say construe

Your profession of


Your bequest to those

Who are not me

For when you offer me

Your declarations

Of assurance and delectation

These vowels and consonants

Fall from your delusive lips

Like rain on a stormy day

Into my fatuous ear

Only to be disproved

When I realize my witless



Words are but letters

Laced together to form sentences

To communicate your deceptions

Those possessions you deem

To be your certainty

Creeping in for my consideration

Playing on my gullible intellect

The one that has led me astray

In so many scenarios

Leaving me emotionally penniless

Begging on corners for a pittance

Crying in the rain with no umbrella

Cold and abandoned

Shivering under the onslaught of your

Never ending deluge of dishonesty

Wondering how it could be

That I with all my intellect

Can be so easily fooled

By your fraudulent smile

And the erroneous being

That is you


I can say what I like

I can open this treacherous mouth

I can utter whatever soliloquy I fabricate

From my arsenal of gibberish

I do not have any presentiment

That any shall listen

Nor do I care

I prefer my diatribes

Are only noticed when

Nothing good is on TV


She undulates through the thicket

Thorny brush ripping minuscule rivets

On her shiny skin

Her forked tongue flicks out to taste

Left behind residual pains

Small tokens of forfeited ache

She contorts her lithe body

Into deranged configurations

A demarcation begging entrance

An elucidation of melancholy

Curling around the ankle

Of a wretched soul

Meandering up a tortuous path

Searching for admission

Yearning for even a small piece

Of you


An addict
The world cannot see this furious need
It finds me in the middle of the day
Renders me useless
Makes me want to find
Isolated alleys and abandoned bathrooms
So I can roll up my sleeve
Tighten the tourniquet
Feel the needle against my skin
Only when I feel that rush can I show the public
Some semblance of my sober face
This drug it is insidious
It crept up on me
I was unsuspecting
I didn’t know
Even though I feel it is wrong I do not want to quit
It exalts me
Makes me feel omnipotent
So I shall hide again
Tap my vein
Prepare my concoction
I devise a stratagem for us to meet
Our lips shall touch again
I shall feel the rush
The surge of emotion
My hovering heart above every other need
You are my drug
My chosen poison
The dope that has wrought this change
From rational to senseless
Unable to function without another

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